Peggy Bendel


When the Home Sewing Association wanted to clone a successful California sewing school and franchise it, they called on me to research, distill and lay out the entire process so that others could teach in the same intimate way.
The result was a 36-chapter, 154-page workbook that captured the philosophy and techniques of the original teacher, passing on unique  methods for imparting  this ancient  skill  in contemporary times. What follows is the introduction from that workbook:

An Overview

Historically, people learned to sew by apprenticing themselves to an expert. Day by day, one step at a time, a novice learned the basics, practiced under the guidance of the master, and grew in skill. “Suddenly You’re Sewing" continues this tradition with small classes in which an accomplished sewing expert, who is also a gifted teacher, pays considerable personal attention to each student. Through hands-on methods which engage all the senses, students master core skills in a beginners course which spans at least 16 weeks. During this introductory period, the complex process of learning to sew is broken down into very small, incremental steps. This careful, individualized teaching style lays a firm foundation upon which each student can build a lifelong interest in sewing. After completing the beginners’ course, students have the option of attending workshop classes to expand their sewing skills. The workshop format is completely flexible so students can pursue virtually any kind of sewing which intrigues them.