Peggy Bendel



I have written more than 1,000 articles for magazines such as Land Line, Sew News, Sewing Decor, Profitable Craft Merchandising, Butterick Sewing World, Pfaff Club Magazine, McCall’s Pattern Magazine, Sewing Update and Cats. You will find samples below:

The Debit Card: Could this boon boomerang on you?

Your Cell Phone Plan: Maybe you can do better.

As SEW NEWS' Contributing Editor for 11 years, I submitted two articles per month.  Many were interviews of notable sewing personalities, including  celebrities such as Lauren Hutton and Rosie O'Donnell who are sewing hobbyists.  My other "beats" included wearable art, soft furnishings for interiors, fitting issues and sewing equipment. See samples below:

Size Wise
Open & Shut

Cats Magazine
Although no cat lives in my home or office (I'm actually partial to beagles), I've written several articles for CATS magazine.    I've found that spending the time for background research and letting curiosity take me into a story is all that's required to cover a new subject. See samples below:

Broadway Cats
Time Out For Cats with Bob Keeshan

Featured Artist: Deidre Scherer